Plan Types

The Choice is Yours

In Developing Plans the following Underwriting Considerations are Involved


1. Scope of covered services
2. Claims payment rules
3. Plan's benefit formula
4. Effective date of the plan
5. Employee eligibility rules
6. Participation levels
7. Location
8. Size of the group
9. Dental benefits history of expected plan participants
10. Turnover rate for employees
11. Occupational status of employees
12. Gender distribution

There's a Smarter Way

Medical claims can be catastrophic and un- planned for. Insurance covers employers' risks. But dental costs are often predictable and low risk. There's a smarter way.

It's Easy to Implement and Use

Employers design the plan structure that best works for their company. And because dental care is low risk and low cost, minimal claims processing is necessary.

It Insures QuAlity Care

Patients are free to choose their dentist and not limited to a preferred network of providers. With the help of their dentist, they can determine their best treatment.