Stop paying unecessary premiums

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Even when dental benefits are provided, only 65% of employees utilize them.
That means employers pay unnecessary premiums to cover the 35% who never go to the dentist.
With Carnation Dental, any unused funds remain in the employer’s dental care reserve.

Savings that accompany increased plan benefits for employers and employees - that's the idea behind Carnation Dental, a new, cost-effective way for employers to offer dental benefits to their employees.
Carnation Dental is fully endorsed by the Ohio Dental Association.

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"Carnation Dental allows employers to design a plan that will work best for everyone, and employees are free to choose the best care available because there are no limitations to the plan. Funds allocated for dental care go toward just that — unlike typical indemnity plans with 32 percent of total employer costs going toward overhead and administration expenses." The Ohio Dental Association